Locust Test Example: Multiple Users

An example of a Locust Test showing interaction with the frontend and admin pages -

This test has 2 locust TaskSets defined and 2 HttpUsers defined that simulate different login information.


  • The GetFrontPageTaskSet simply navigates to a basic user landing page

  • The GetAdminPageTaskSet navigates to the admin console


  • The FrontendUserActor uses the login credentials for the regular frontend user

  • The AdminUserActor uses the login credentials for the admin user


When running this locustfile, it is important to note that the users specified when running are spread evenly across the HttpUsers. If you only specify one user to run when running locust, it will only choose one user actor to start:

locust -f examples/ --headless -r 10 -t 3600 --users 1
All users hatched: FrontendUserActor: 1, AdminUserActor: 0 (0 already running)

Make sure to run the locustfile with at least as many users as required by how you have the weights configured for each HttpUser.

For the included sample, the weights are 3 and 1 respectively, meaning you’ll have to spawn 4 users to get the AdminUserActor to start up

locust -f examples/  --headless -r 10 -t 3600 --users 4
All users hatched: FrontendUserActor: 3, AdminUserActor: 1 (0 already running)