class appian_locust._base._Base

Bases: object

Base class for classes _Actions, _News, _Records, _Reports, _Tasks, Sites

get(items_in_dict: dict, item_name: str, exact_match: bool = True, ignore_retry: bool = False, search_string: str = None) → tuple

Common Get function to get the specific component from dictionary of items. If item is not found, it calls get_all function to update itself and retry.

Warning: Internal function, should never be called directly.

  • items_in_dict (dict) – Dictionary of component (for ex, dictionary of actions if called from actions class)

  • item_name (str) – Component name (for ex, action name if called from actions class)

  • exact_match (bool, optional) – Should item name match exactly or to be partial match. Default : True

  • ignore_retry (bool, optional) – Whether to retry or not if item is not found in first try.

  • search_string (str, optional) – String to filter the results of get_all function. Currently supported only for News

Returns: Tuple of item name and full properties of item If item found, otherwise tuple of Nones

get_all(search_string: str = None, locust_request_label: str = '') → Any

Common Get All function prototype that is overwritten by subclasses. Created only to conform to Mypy validation.