appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._create_override_flag_mask(flags_to_override: List[appian_locust._feature_flag.FeatureFlag]) → int

Given a list of flag enums from FeatureFlag, this will set that flag to 1 to override the default feature set. returns flag mask reflecting all the flags combined.

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._get_feature_flags_from_regex_match(flag_str: str) → Tuple[str, str]

Coerce flags into proper format for sending as headers

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._get_javascript_and_find_feature_flag(client: locust.clients.HttpSession, script_uri: str, headers: Dict[str, Any] = None) → Any

Read through minified javascript for feature flags

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._get_javascript_uri(interactor: appian_locust._interactor._Interactor, headers: Dict[str, Any] = None) → Any

Gets the URI for the javascript file that contains the Feature Toggles

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._to_hex_str(flagVal: int) → str
appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper._truncate_flag_extended(flag_extended: int) → int
appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper.get_client_feature_toggles(interactor: appian_locust._interactor._Interactor, session: locust.clients.HttpSession) → Tuple[str, str]

Given an authenticated user, recover the feature toggles from the minified javascript

Returns: Returns feature flag if found, otherwise empty string

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper.override_default_flags(interactor: appian_locust._interactor._Interactor, flags_to_override: List[appian_locust._feature_flag.FeatureFlag]) → None

Given a list of flag enums from FeatureFlag, override_default_flags gets the flag mask to set all of the flags to true, and it overrides the current feature flag extended value to set these flags to true.

appian_locust._feature_toggle_helper.set_mobile_feature_flags(interactor: appian_locust._interactor._Interactor) → None

This overrides the feature flags to tell the service that the request is coming from a mobile device.