Latest Release

Version 2.0.0

Appian Locust v2.0 introduces a significant rework of the API to guide a clear and streamlined development experience. Our target was to meet feature parity while simplifying the steps to interact with Appian.

New Paradigm

  • Visitor is the new hub for all SailUiForm navigations. From the client, you can call various methods to retrieve the desired SailUiForm that matches the type of page that the caller has navigated to, which will enable further interaction with the represented UI.

  • SystemOperator is for non UI form interactions at the system level (i.e. get_webapi()).

  • The info module extended from AppianClient provides metadata for News, Tasks, Records, Reports, Actions, and Sites (i.e. appian_locust.appian_client.AppianClient.actions_info).

Breaking Changes

  • Appian Locust now requires Python 3.10. Update your dependencies globally or within your dependency management config file.

  • Fetching SailUIForms from News, Tasks, Records, Reports, Actions, and Sites have been marked as private. Use Visitor to handle all UI navigations.

  • SailUIForms types can be found in the uiform module.

  • Design objects and types have been moved to the objects module.

  • Various helper methods have been moved to the utilities module.

  • loadDriverUtils() does not provide utls anymore. Instead, call loadDriverUtils() to set utls:

    from appian_locust.utilities import loadDriverUtils
    utls = loadDriverUtils()

For a more comprehensive list of changes in Appian Locust 2.0, see the Appian Locust 2.0 Migration Guide document.